People who have earned a lot by saving money

There is no more effective way to keep your finances healthy than to save money. After all, saving money is usually the reflection of financial reassurance and up-to-date bills. In addition, those who save are able to amortize the impacts of unforeseen events and are even easier to achieve material goals. Most people know this, but they still can not afford it.

Saving is really a difficult task that demands discipline, organization, planning and, above all, effort. Even though it is very laborious, saving is possible. Do you doubt it? So check out our article and get to know 5 examples of people who have managed to save money and get inspired to get started!

The Power of Discipline

The Power of Discipline

Andrew Hallam is living proof that saving is not a seven-headed animal when you have clearly defined goals. Millionaire Teacher, I have managed to raise more than $ 1 million dollars, even exercising a simple craft and earning a limited salary. In the book he recounts – in 9 lessons to be learned in school – how he achieved the feat of saving and reveals that the great secret is to be disciplined. Today, Andrew Hallam has a good book and has a financial freedom that many of his colleagues are far from winning.

Cutting off the superfluous

Cutting off the superfluous

Here is another curious and motivating example of economy! Judith Levine is an American journalist who spent a year without buying anything superfluous. For 12 months Judith prioritized the essential expenses and eliminated everything that was unnecessary. She cut expenses with DVD’s, CDs, processed foods, clothes and the like.

Judith recounts in Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping, that the economy negatively impacted her social life, since she had to refuse invitations to leave. In contrast, the journalist saved approximately $ 8,000. We need not be as radical as to leave aside leisure and well-being, but the main lesson conveyed by Judith is that we should always ask self-questioning: “Do I really need this?” If we know how to cut the non-essential, finance will hardly fall apart.

Retirement at age 30


Engineer Pete, known on the internet as Mr. Money Mustache, is the economy in person! He leads a simple life, saves as much money as possible and his financial tips are making so much success on the net that the number of adherents of Mr. Money Mustache’s philosophy only increases.

Totally averse to waste and excessive consumerism, Pete switched his car on his bike, bargained for the house, set a limit on monthly expenses, taught his son to save, and had nothing extravagant habits. The most curious fact of this story is that Mr. Money saved two-thirds of his salary during the years he worked, invested that money, bought rental property, and by the time he was 30 and he did not have to work anymore. He even calls himself retired! It’s a little eccentric, but the fact is that Pete proves that no one needs to be born rich or win the lottery to get their finances up to date.


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