What is SME Loans?

SME is a term used to describe small and medium sized enterprises. SMEs consist of small and small budget enterprises. Regardless of the content, sector and structure of the business, the volume and development processes of SMEs are based on specific patterns. In order to get rid of these patterns, SMEs apply for loans at certain times. These loans are also called SME loans.

What is SME Loans?

Banks provide credit financing support to SMEs in order to grow their business and offer them to SME customers. SME customers usually meet one-on-one with bank staff and bank staff visit SMEs. These visits are usually made to understand how your business is going and to see if you need support. Of course, in order to reach these stages, it will start with your bank investigating whether you are a suitable SME.

If you are a taxpayer, you can meet with your bank and become a SME customer. These are the ways to become a SME and a SME customer.

SME Loans are loans specially prepared for SMEs

Individual customers cannot benefit from these loans. SMEs can apply for these loans in order to expand their business and to receive personnel or vehicle support. These loans; Commercial Support Loan , Consumer Loan , Commercial Vehicle Loan .

As with individual loans, these credits go through certain stages of approval, and of course your credit rating will also affect this. However, as well as your credit rating, the operation and income of your business plays an important role in getting credit. Visiting and getting to know you by bank staff will have positive results for your loans. The customer representative who knows you well will prepare your file well and get approval for your credit.

How is the status of the business determined?

Banks are given great support by the banks in order to expand their business development between the employees 1 and 5. This is the general purpose of the visits.

There are also many support platforms for SMEs. You can visit our West Lending departments for SME support loans .

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